It is somewhat paradoxical that Vincent entered the world of photography. He went to Hawaii to develop an artificial star system that would improve the resolution of astronomical telescopes. There he discovered a passion for photography. Thus he spent part of his time creating light, and the other part capturing it. His many business trips, especially in the West of the United States, allowed him to teach himself about wildlife and landscape photography.

After having settled in Chile, in 2010, he continued to work on the development of optical instruments used in astronomical observatories. Captivated by the surrounding nature, he decided to promote local ecosystems through photography, so that they would be acknowledged both within the Chilean community and around the world. This is why he created this site:

The Humboldt Current is an ocean current derived from the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, that flows along the coasts of Chile, Peru and Ecuador. This cold current creates exceptional conditions enabling large concentrations of fish, cetaceans and pelagic birds, and also causes extreme conditions on the coast, notably the very arid Atacama Desert.

Being sensitive to the cause of conservation as well as critical regarding the over-use of natural resources by man, Vincent committed himself to reducing his own ecological footprint. Therefore, he reduced his water consumption and cut down on meat. He also started participating in programs for biodiversity preservation, in a joint effort with CONAF [CorporaciĆ³n Nacional Forestal].

His death in November 2013 left his project unfinished. However, the pictures on this site are a display of natural beauty yet to be discovered in this part of the world, which ought to be protected.