Yes, that is the end of South America, the Cabo Froward, on the Estrecho de Magallanes. We were lucky, the sea was relatively calm. And the scenery was unbelievable.

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Shot with a Nikon D3s and Sigma 120-300mm OS.

Patagonia in the morning. For a little while, the wind disappeared. And that’s when the Laguna stays still…


Shot with Nikon D3s and 24 PC-E lens.

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I took this photo in Southern Chile, on the Isla Navarino, during a hike to the Dientes de Navarino.

Some wind. Nice clouds. We are a the end of the world. The last island before el Cabo de Hornos. Beautiful place. And as you can expect, there’s no crowd around there.



Taken with Nikon D3s and 24mm PC-E lens.

Amazing photographer Vincent Munier is currently in the Peruvian Amazon. I’m curious to see what he’s going to come back with…

His website.

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