’Université Catholique de Lille et de sa rénovation. In its new, combined form, the university has become one of the largest in not just France but also the French-speaking world. Administration et services Bâtiments d’enseignement Écoles et instituts Équipements sportifs Restaurants / Résidences Universitaires UFR de Chimie UFR de Biologie UFR des Sciences de la Terre UFR de Géographie et Aménagement UFR d’IEEA (Informatique Electronique Electrotechnique Automatique) Faculté … Mixing technological innovations and new practices, the Region and all its participants have committed themselves to a transition towards a more respectful and sustainable environment and economy. Lille : - Les Facultés - ESTICE/ESPAS - ICAM - IESEG - IKPO - ISL/IU2S - ISTC - Junia Grande école d'ingénieurs - Hôpital Saint-Vincent de Paul - EHPAD Saint Antoine de Padoue - EHPAD Notre Dame de l'Accueil; Arras : - IFP; Cambrai : - CH Sainte Marie; … To maintain this pace of development, Lille welcomed labour from Flanders, Poland, Southern Europe, and North Africa. More information about ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility Program. A double degree course for tomorrow’s professions in the areas of bioinformatics, precision agriculture, smart farming, computerised agricultural machinery, bio-nanotechnologies, big data, computerised objects... Virtuous buildings (ISA, Rizomm, Faculty of Medicine and Midwifery, St Philibert Hospital…) where the users are partners in developing new forms of behaviour in energy consumption, Awareness of sustainable transport systems, Support for student organisations wishing to promote sustainable development  L'Université Catholique de Lille est une université plurielle qui associe Facultés, Grandes Ecoles, Ecoles Supérieures et Instituts dans 6 disciplines : Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Droit, Économie-Gestion, Sciences et Technologies, Médecine, Théologie. ), this approach aims to make Vauban-Esquermes the Living Lab in Lille for transition in energy, ecology, economics and active citizenship. The Sun King’s military engineer, Vauban, built the city’s impressive citadel. These partnerships have been complemented by new agreements around the world. • Law, Economics, Business & Management It takes place annually from May - July in Lille … That our 32,000 students should be immersed in a physical campus and scientific, cultural and learning structure which gives them ecological virtues to act responsibly throughout their personal, professional and civic lives. Pour en savoir plus : et suivre notre fil twitter @UnivCatholille University and Polytechnic Federation of Lille (French: Fédération Universitaire et Polytechnique de Lille) is a private federation of Catholic-inspired institutions established in 1973. The internship program benefits from close institutional relations with major regional businesses that have an international profile (Auchan, Décathlon, Thalès, Lesaffre, and others). Ensembll Living Lab Nos … The number of international students has increased considerably in recent years, from 1,400 in 2007 to 5,476 in 2017, of which 3,482 are students in undergraduate and graduate programs (mainly at IESEG and EDHEC) and 1,986 in exchange programs (700 via Erasmus and 1,286 thanks to the signing of 101 inter-university agreements). Vous n'avez plus besoin de télécharger des applications pour les bus et/ou pour les trains, Moovit est votre application de transport tout-en-un qui vous aide à … The Université Catholique de Lille has been a pioneer in the development of university partnerships between France and North America, signing partnership agreements with American universities such as Juniata College as early as the 1970s. A total of 109 double degrees were offered to students 2018-2019. For an optimal search... We recommend that you initially limit the number of search criteria. Depuis le style néogothique de l'hôtel académique jusqu'à la verrière résolument contemporaine de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes d'Ingénieur, l'architecture de l'Université Catholique constitue un patrimoine unique. Thanks to an internationalised teaching staff (up to 80% of the staff at IÉSEG, for example), the University offers an international and intercultural environment to all of its students, whether from France or elsewhere. Multiple forms of cooperation for practical projects. The Université Catholique de Lille has been involved in European mobility programs such as ERASMUS or INTERREG since their launch at the end of the 1980s. Bienvenue sur la Page de l'Université Catholique de Lille. Step by step, we are making the University an incubator for good practice and an accelerator of projects, in a participative and federative spirit. La chapelle est un vaste bâtiment de briques roses rehaussées de pierres blanches … Supported by the University and the City of Lille, with our nearest representative being the local branch office of the City Hall (especially through its local branch office? In order to become a Zero Carbon Campus in 15 years, Lille Catholic University is putting into place zero carbon energy consumption in its historic buildings. Elle a été construite entre 1911 et 1922. Nous travaillons en réseau avec les parties prenantes de l’université, les équipes de recherche, écoles et facultés. Pour la quatrième fois, la faculté de droit de l’Université catholique de Lille (Nord) organise sa masterclass « Global actors for peace », du 11 au 15 janvier 2021. Mercredi 3 février 2021 a lieu l'inauguration de la chapelle de l'Université catholique restaurée à Lille (Nord). The University has a policy of partnership in Asia, particularly with the Philippines and India, where several units have developed close links allowing for significant student mobility and joint training projects. Université Catholique de Lille offers students a scientific, cultural and learning environment resolutely committed to environmental and societal transition. The University is full of life with its numerous sporting and cultural opportunities – Université Catholique de Lille is home to more than 300 student clubs and societies. Strategic partnerships such as the one between the Faculties of Université Catholique de Lille and Liverpool Hope University have led to the formation of joint programs (dual degree, double Master) while engineering and business schools have engaged in joint degree and twinning programs. Les travaux ont duré 7 ans pour un budget de 3,6 millions d’euros. Reception and orientation sessions specifically for international students are organized in all the institutions concerned and an informational guide, "Passport for Lille", which lists practical information about the university, the city of Lille, life in France etc. • Arts, Humanities, Theology, Ethics & Education - Pour tout renseignement complémentaire, nous vous invitons à contacter le standard de l’université au 03 20 13 40 00 et via mail à l'adresse : saio@univ … Pour en savoir plus : et suivre notre fil twitter @UnivCatholille The Université Catholique de Lille hosts more Filipino students each year than any other institution in France. FGES Lille 60, Boulevard Vauban, CS 40109, 59016 Lille Tél. The development of intercultural skills is an important objective across all the various programs of the Université Catholique de Lille. Bienvenue sur la Page de l'Université Catholique de Lille. Mi piace: 8369. A campus in transition, a truly innovative educative tool for students. Plan du site. complete this program. Learn more about studying at Universite Catholique de Lille including how it performs in QS rankings, the cost of tuition and further course information. Vai a vivere con i tuoi compagni di studi in proprietà progettate appositamente per i bisogni degli studenti e goditi il meglio di questa esperienza. 8.4K likes. - L'Antenne Accueil de l'Université est ouverte du lundi au vendredi de 7h30 à 18h. Students can usefully get involved through supervised humanitarian internships, either for a short period in the summer or for 4-6 months (social entrepreneurship). L'Université Catholique de Lille a misé sur l'interactivité pour vous permettre d'échanger, dialoguer avec nos étudiants ambassadeurs mais également avec les professeurs et les responsables pédagogiques de tous nos établissements ! Development of traditional degree courses and lifelong learning schemes. Vous aurez également l'occasion de suivre les conférences, toute la journée, que ce soit en Live ou en replay ! Plans d'accès aux campus. Entrer votre adresse email. Growing research work on questions of mobility and energy. Bienvenue sur la Page de l'Université Catholique de Lille. Bienvenue sur la Page de l'Université Catholique de Lille. The university has been involved with the various Erasmus programs since the beginning, and manages one of the largest consortia in France, with 902 outgoing students in 2017-2018 and 451 signed Erasmus partnerships in 29 countries. Here they can find all the information necessary to prepare for their stay abroad. Connexion Environnement Numérique de Travail (E.N.T) Scolarité, inscriptions, webmail, cours, intranet.. Accéder à l'E.N.T . Attualmente vive in Istanbul. The Université Catholique de Lille currently has 546 partner universities worldwide and manages one of the largest French ERASMUS consortia with 445 Erasmus partnerships in 29 countries. Courses and entire programs in English are offered to all students, et some units offer international training courses. - Le Service Accueil - Information - Orientation de l'Université Catholique de Lille est ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 8h00 à 18h00. This in turn contributes to the education and international solidarity of our students. You can further refine your search if the number of results returned by search engine is too high Its world-leading textile activity gave rise to other industries; metal industries quickly became the second flagship of the Lille economy. Founded in 1066 by the Counts of Flanders, Lille – Rijsel  in Flemish – quickly became a major commercial hub between rich Flemish cities and the Champagne markets. Elle rassemble 6 Facultés, 20 Grandes Écoles, Écoles et Instituts. Les Facultés de l'Université Catholique de Lille sont investies d'une mission : former les professionnels de demain, capables de s'adapter, d'innover et … 5,379 students completed their experience abroad in 2017-2018, and 1,500 of them benefitted from a system of financial aid to achieve their international project. Université Catholique de Lille - Summer Program Website . institut catholique de lille La consultation de cette page avec le navigateur utilisé n'est pas garantie par l'éditeur du site. L'Università Cattolica di Lilla (Université Catholique de Lille, detta anche Catho) è una università privata francese, di ispirazione cattolica, la cui origine risale al 1875, data della creazione delle prime istituzioni che la compongono.Ha sede nella città di … Université Lille 1-Plan du campus, v e l o... z l e ! Université Catholique de Lille January 4 at 3:16 AM Voeux 2021 "Avec votre ouverture universelle, vous pouvez faire de l ... 'université catholique un lieu où se poursuivent avec persévérance et professionnalisme des solutions pour les progrès civil et culturel des individus et de l'humanité, marquées par la solidarité". The goal is to allow them to act in a sustainable way throughout their personal, professional and civic lives and to construct new models for a society which will be more respectful of the environment and of the human … LILLE ("Learn In Lille, Live Europe") is the inclusive acronym for a growing number of academic programs offered through the International Relations office at the Université Catholique de Lille, including the popular European Summer Program, which has been drawing students to Lille from around the world since 2001. We are training students and professionals to become participants in this new model of society and we are supporting experimentation and encouraging every initiative on campus. A course catalogue adapted to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) has been available both in French and in English on the University website since 2008. Horaires d’ouverture Du lundi au jeudi de 8h30-12h et de 13h-17h30 Le vendredi de 8h30-12h et de 13h … Logement proche Université Catholique de Lille (Lille – 59000) Trouvez un logement proche de l’école Université Catholique de Lille à Lille (59000) grâce à, le premier site du logement étudiant. Implantées sur le Campus Vauban, en plein cœur de Lille, Les Facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille partagent une même philosophie éducative et offrent à leurs étudiants des dispositifs, méthodes et moyens d’enseignement innovants, en complète synergie. It offers its partners long-term support for the training of university teachers, researchers, and local development agents. « Le RIZOMM » Founded in 1875, the Université Catholique de Lille is a multidisciplinary institution unique in France. • Science & Technologies Pour en savoir plus : et suivre notre fil twitter @UnivCatholille Internationalisation is part of the DNA of the University, one of the first in France to enter into partnership agreements with foreign universities in the early 1970s. The Université Catholique de Lille has also established a partnership with the NGO Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines. • Health & Social Care CLARIFE, the University’s language learning centre, is accessible to all students. Service du Patrimoine et des Archives de l'Institut Catholique de Lille Découvrez l'Université Catholique de Lille, un campus innovant L'Université Catholique de Lille accueille 25 500 étudiants dans 170 filières de formation. Plan du site; Les FAQs; La Faculté de Droit des Facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille (FLD), anciennement la Faculté Libre de Droit propose sur ses 2 campus situés à Lille et à Paris (Issy-les-Moulineaux) des formations universitaires en droit (Licence de Droit, Masters 1 et Masters 2 de Droit), des formations en alternance et de la formation continue. Suzanne Duflo. The ISO 14001 approach at ISA Agricultural and Environmental Engineering School Créée au fondement de l’Université Catholique de Lille en 1875, la Faculté de Droit a réouvert ses portes en 1993, puis s’est développée à Issy-les-Moulineaux en 2009. Within the framework of international partnerships signed by the University or the Erasmus+ programs, departure preparation sessions are mandatory for all students selected to study abroad the following semester. 67,000 students are currently enrolled, studying degrees across six … Présentation de l'Université Catholique de Lille - Mise à jour - mars 2016 : 03 28 38 48 94 (Masters) Plans des campus. Studenti Erasmus Université Catholique de Lille. Transports en commun, vélo, train, voiture. (©Denis Paillard)Mercredi 3 février 2021 à 15 h lieu l‘inauguration de la chapelle restaurée de l’Université catholique de Lille (Nord), boulevard… • Health & Social Care The Université Catholique de Lille is involved in several developmental partnerships with Burundi and Cameroon (as well as with Haiti). - Le Service Accueil - Information - Orientation de l'Université Catholique de Lille est ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 8h00 à 18h00. Overview. - L'Antenne Accueil de l'Université est ouverte du lundi au vendredi de 7h30 à 18h. Développer un lien durable et profitable à chacun. - Pour tout renseignement complémentaire, nous vous invitons à contacter le standard de l’université au 03 20 13 40 00 et via mail à l'adresse : saio@univ … Bienvenue sur la Page de l'Université Catholique de Lille. Its history dates back to 1875 when the first of these institutions was created. The Faculty of Medicine and Midwifery (FMM). L'Université Catholique de Lille propose aux lycées des lycées partenaires de tester une filière de formation durant une demi-journée A majority of students are required to complete a professional internship abroad in order to complete their programs. Because it is taught exclusively in English, the course is accessible to international students. It welcomed 5,476 international students in 2017-2018 and 5,379 Lille students experienced academic life beyond our borders. • Science & Technologies The university was formed by a merger of three universities: Lille University of Science and Technology, Lille 2 University of Health and Law, and Charles de Gaulle University - Lille III. Working together on a project for a shared garden for the neighbourhood. Two centuries later, Lille’s industrial power increased dramatically. Nous vous conseillons d'utiliser un des navigateurs ci-dessous : Ha studiato in Université Catholique de Lille. Une semaine dédiée au rôle des acteurs de la construction de la paix dans le monde, cette année exceptionnellement uniquement en digitale. From its strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, Lille and the Université Catholique de Lille have drawn a tradition of openness and acceptance of others and their ideas. It offers courses in 10 foreign languages, with specialized language courses as well as certificate preparation and validation. They may receive assistance from the unit through specialized services, and may receive financial support through Erasmus or the Mermoz program of the Hauts de France region. S'abonner. 8,694 likes. Bienvenue sur le site internet de la Faculté de Médecine & Maïeutique de Lille située au 56 rue du port à Lille. Initially focused on strengthening the international mobility of students, particularly through the Erasmus+ program, the University is also encouraging “Internationalization at home”: strengthening the presence of foreign students and colleagues on campus enables the entire university community – students, teachers, researchers, administrative and support staff – to develop openness and intercultural communication skills. In 2013, the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region (now Hauts-de-France Region), accompanied by Jeremy Rifkin, launched with optimism the project Rev3, the Third Industrial Revolution. Les Facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille vous accompagnent dans la construction de votre projet professionnel : Semaine de l’Orientation, le Career Center où des professionnels sont à votre écoute, un Tchat orientation en ligne… Basic training and continuing education courses: Masters in Smart Cities Université Catholique de Lille offers students a scientific, cultural and learning environment resolutely committed to environmental and societal transition. U-Link, la direction des relations avec le monde socio-économique est un hub, un facilitateur, un promoteur des … À lire aussi. The Université Catholique de Lille is also involved in European projects such as Interreg or Jean Monnet, and offers 29 double degrees with European universities. Information meetings are regularly proposed to discover existing options, especially within the framework of Erasmus+ or international solidarity (for example, through solidarity leave to work with an international charity organization). Assessment of the carbon footprint of the faculties and schools and their integration into the Green Plan system of reference. Université Catholique de Lille, Lille. • Political Science & International Relations, Search our Degree programs & ECTS courses, Erasmus & Exchange Programs - Academic Calendars, Live Tree, the energy & societal transition, EAIE (European Association of International Education), NAFSA (Association of International Educators), APAIE (Association of Pacific Asia International Education), FIUC (International Federation of Catholic Universities), APUAF (Association of American University Programs in France), Erasmus+ grants, for study abroad or internship within the framework of Erasmus+, Mermoz grants (from the Regional Council of Hauts-de-France), for a study abroad or internship outside of the framework of Erasmus+. 8,675 likes. Campus Cité scientifique Campus Pont de Bois Campus Droit et santé . An environmental action plan has been drawn up around 6 priority focuses for work, like waste management, reduction in consumption (energy, water, paper) reducing the carbon footprint and preserving biodiversity. Since 2017, it has developed relations with various countries bordering the EU, initiating exchanges of students and teacher-researchers across disciplines with Serbia, Bosnia, and Georgia. Découvrez nos milliers d’offres de locations proches de l’Université Catholique de Lille : résidences étudiantes, locations par particuliers, par agences et colocations. Digital Computing and Biology Programme  Nous rendons l'accès à Université Catholique plus facile, c'est pourquoi plus de 865 millions d'utilisateurs, y compris les utilisateurs de Lille, ont choisi Moovit comme la meilleure application de transports en commun. Erasmus+ Agreement Université Catholique de Lille Ha una borsa di studio Fiume 2020 / 2021 all'università Sveuciliste u Rijeci. The Université Catholique de Lille has 4 current agreements with Australian universities lovated in Sydney and Brisbane, the largest and third-largest cities on the continent. Implantées sur le Campus Vauban, en plein cœur de Lille, Les Facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille partagent une même philosophie éducative et offrent à leurs étudiants des dispositifs, méthodes et moyens d’enseignement innovants, en complète synergie. The scholarships available to students include: The university also supports the mobility of its academic and administrative personnel. 25 monitoring indicators regularly measure running operations which could have a significant impact on the environment. The Université Catholique de Lille actively participates in several specialized networks: • Law, Economics, Business & Management The University offers both students and staff opportunities for international mobility in a highly diverse selection of schools and universities. Edifiée en 1911 et terminée en 1922, la chapelle est le cœur de l’Université Catholique de Lille. Université Catholique de Lille, Lilla. With 6 European capitals within a radius of 250 kilometres, Lille is situated at the very heart of Europe and has excellent transport links with Great Britain, the Benelux countries, Germany and Central … Design model buildings and blocks connected by a smart grid, - Develop transdisciplinary Humanities-Social Sciences-Engineering research on the question of energy transition and society, Create research and innovation chairs implicating both local government and business, Contribute to the emergence of new economic models, Promote regional economic innovation and development, Associate the campus and the neighbourhood in all stages of the transition, Search our Degree programs & ECTS courses, Erasmus & Exchange Programs - Academic Calendars, Live Tree, the energy & societal transition. The European Summer Program is a four-week training course for international students who want to discover Europe and learn how to speak French. Nous contacter Abonnez-vous à la newsletter ! It also offers intensive French language courses for international students during the summer (through the "LILLE European Summer Program") and just prior to the fall semester, while other courses are integrated into the regular academic session. As shown by its architecture, Lille was successively Flemish, Burgundian, and Spanish before becoming French in 1667, under the reign of Louis XIV. Creation of a pluridisciplinary “Institute for Sustainable and Responsible Development”. Elle forme à la PACES (première année commune aux études de santé), aux études de médecine (en 6 ans) et à la maïeutique. Réformée en octobre 2017 en vue d’assurer une meilleure représentativité et une meilleure adéquation avec la stratégie des établissements de la fédération, elle est composée de binômes représentant les 15 unités et équipes de recherche des établissements de l’Université. Living-lab’s approach seeks to encourage the users of the neighbourhood to jointly plan and manage projects, for example: From the start of its LIVE TREE Programme, in 2013, the Université Catholique de Lille has wanted to associate the Vauban-Esquermes neighbourhood, its inhabitants and stakeholders. Course and program offerings in English have increased notably in the past five years thanks to the policy of recruiting bilingual French and internation teacher-researchers and encouraging Erasmus teaching mobility through visiting professorships. Live TREE is also supported by initiatives in energy and societal transition by the institutions of Université Catholique de Lille, which are running projects on their own buildings and in their forms of organisation. The University already has 26 partnerships with Latin American universities (compared to 5 in 2008) and the number of Latin American students on campus has multiplied by 5 between 2008 and 2018. 8,677 likes. Going abroad on exchange or with an internship allows students to develop adaptability, autonomy, and intercultural communication skills; linguistic progress is inevitable. The internationalisation of teacher-researchers is strongly encouraged, whether through the Erasmus program or through bilateral mobility agreements for teaching and research. Attualmente vive in Lilla. Ensembll est l’unité d’apprentissage en Living Lab de l’Université Catholique de Lille. This experience constitutes a serious asset for the professional integration of future graduates. Internationalisation is integral to the Université Catholique de Lille project, and constitutes a fundamental element of the comprehensive education that it wishes to offer to students, reflecting its openness to the diversity of cultures and commitment to European citizenship. Chaque année, votre orientation est une phase essentielle dans l’élaboration de votre parcours ! • Arts, Humanities, Theology, Ethics & Education À Lille et proximité. Université Catholique de Lille (FUPL), Service Relations Internationales, 60 bd Vauban - BP 109, F-59016 Lille Cedex, France Projects Erasmus + Erasmus+, the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport, brings together seven previous EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training and Youth (e.g. : 03 20 13 40 20 (Licences + ISEA) Tél. • Innovation & Desing Thinking Elle offre à ses 1850 étudiants sur ces 2 campus la garantie de conditions de travail optimales au service de la réussite de chacun. (au sens de l'article 714-1 du code de l'éducation) Service commun de documentation Service universitaire d’activités physiques et sportives Service commun des affaires sociales Service universitaire de médecine préventive et de promotion de la santé Centre des langues de l'Université de Lille Institut Eric Weil Bienvenue sur la Page de l'Université Catholique de Lille. Jean Motte dit Falisse, Docteur en criminologie de l’UCLouvain (B), psycho-criminologue (Master de psychologie en cliniques criminologiques de l’Université de Rennes), est Maître de conférences à la Faculté de Droit de l’Université Catholique de Lille au sein de laquelle il a co-initié la création de l’Ecole de Criminologie Critique Européenne en janvier 2019. Université Catholique de Lille, Lille. L'Université Catholique de Lille accueille 25 540 étudiants dans 160 filières de formation. • Innovation & Desing Thinking In 2017-2018, 2,522 students from the Université Catholique de Lille went abroad for internships. Since 2013, we have been renovating our buildings to limit our carbon footprint and make them models of good practice, genuine laboratories; we are installing solar panels and use our own energy, we encourage sustainable and electric means of transport; we are focalising research on the technical and human aspects of this transition and are developing urban agriculture. Meanwhile, the number of English-language courses and programs continues to grow. In keeping with its tradition of openness, the Université Catholique de Lille was one of the pioneering French universities in the area of international mobility, signing partnership agreements with American universities such as Juniata College as early as the 1970s. Courses dealing with awareness of environmental and societal transition in a growing number of programmes. Pour en savoir plus : et suivre notre fil … Between 2008 and 2018, the number of agreements with Asian universities tripled (37 partnerships as of 2018) and the number of Asian students welcomed increased by 9 times. Sharing students’ skills with the communities of partners in the neighbourhood: analysis of soils and recommendations for a compost maker for the shared garden; diagnosis and recommendations for improving accessibility for everyone for each of the institutions and public spaces in the neighbourhood; inventory of biodiversity in the neighbourhood and presentation/awareness for the children in the neighbourhood. Activities and awareness on campus (radio program, conferences, workshops, visits…).

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